Custom Build: Coin Holder Seawater Display

This project was a custom designed coin holder with a glass bottle display for seawater that included storage space (and a missile hatch).  We were also able to incorporate a piece of Burr Oak from home as the centerpiece - it was a blast to create this unique piece! 

This is the initial rough draft:

 rough draft design sketch for pyramid coin holder

I ended up making a hidden box in the center instead of doing a drawer that pulls out from the front.  A cabinet hinge and a magnetic latch were perfect to allow the top to fit perfectly inside the top of the box.

The project was started from the top/center and expanded outward.

center box start of construction

Each row was done in succession to leave a 1/4" tall lip and a 1/2" wide platform for the coins.

first row glue drying on coin holder

 coin holder second row while under construction

coin holder second row drying while under construction

coin holder third row drying

fourth row drying on coin holder

As for the centerpiece, we were able to coordinate getting a piece of Burr Oak firewood from the farm.  Between the jointer and the miter saw it cleaned up nicely!!! 

burr oak firewood

burr oak centerpiece

centerpiece with missile hatch finished and ready to install

coin holder open lid

Here is the finished product proudly displaying its coins and seawater!

custom pyramid submarine coin holder finished water display and coins

I appreciate the order and the trust that comes with doing custom work, thanks for the opportunity to create something awesome!

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