Custom Laser Engraved Cribbage Board

Good day all,

Here are a few photos to share of a custom cribbage board I made for some fellow cribbage lovers!  

The board is Poplar with a thick glossy polyurethane finish.  I created the cribbage hole layout from scratch to be able to incorporate all of the desired images, I think it turned out stellar!  The holes were drilled using a basic 3018 3-axis CNC machine using Lightburn to create an SVG file of the holes and putting that through Easel to do the cutting.  It is always nerve-wracking laser engraving the numbers (and skunks) on the boards since the tolerances are so small, but it was a smashing success.

A fun and handy thing I like to do is inlay magnets into cribbage boards to provide the perfect place to store the pieces when it's not in use.

Hope you enjoy the photos! 

custom laser engraved cribbage board topcustom laser engraved cribbage board sidecribbage board bottom with magnetic piece holders

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